Since the end of World War II, European countries worked hard to join forces and safeguard democracy, human rights and active citizenship. The European Union has become an institution which deservedly won the Nobel Prize for its successful efforts to keep Europe at peace while encouraging the free mobility of capital, people and goods among Member States. World War II had significantly affected the cultural way of life, mainly through the ruins of agricultural great pieces, the preservation of treasures and the displacement of population.  Since those times, the population in l-Isla has continued to decrease becoming one of the most shrinking cities in Malta. All other partners in one way of another had the same affect. This led to the need to revive our old cities and start creating an identity and a change in the mindsets of local people to see opportunities, caused by the shrinking city effect.

The main aims of this project are:
  • to halt the shrinking effect in our towns and cities;
  • increase active citizen participation;
  • creating an identity through history and education;
  • revive the artistic sector; and
  • increase the economic activity.


The project targets over three hundred participants from four different countries; Malta, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

The target groups are:
  • councillors, researches, academics and policy makers;
  • artists;
  • small businesses in the leisure and recreational sector;
  • NGOs
  • pensioners (to share their past experiences); and
  • school children, the future generation.


Five different events which will be held during festivity periods, will target four different topics – performing arts, the physical infrastructure, re-imagining the city and active citizenship. Through this project, we will use the artistic view in order to revive the cities. Through these networking events present obstacles and threats will be shared, while seeking new opportunities, mainly through European Union membership.

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